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Home Stagers Atlanta

The Home Stagers at Chaos 2 Comfort in Atlanta provide professional home staging services to attract buyer interest in your home. Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale by improving its appeal to more potential buyers.

Atlanta's difficult real estate market makes it more important than ever to stage your home. A properly staged home allows prospective buyers to visualize themselves and their belongings in their future home. Houses that are cluttered, messy or overly decorated are distracting to buyers. By eliminating clutter, depersonalizing possessions, editing and arranging furniture and enhancing its appearance, our company's home staging services can help show client's homes in the best possible light. A well staged home feels bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and more loved. Properly executed home staging accents the most attractive features of the home while minimizing its flaws.

Here are a few Home Staging facts:

  • Home Staging provides an enviroment that prospective buyers can connect to.
  • The cost of home staging is usually much lower than the average price reduction of the home.
  • The cost of staging a home almost always pays for itself by reduced time on market and a higher selling price.
  • A large percentage of home buyers today search listings online. Homes that have been staged photograph much better than unstaged homes, and will create buyer interest.

View Teresa's Portfolio of Staged Homes at: www.stagedhomes.com/featured/featured_old.php?asp=12133.

Chaos 2 Comfort is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals. By incorporating the skills of an Accredited Staging Professional, an Interior Designer with a Masters Degree in space planning and a Certified Professional Organizer, we create the optimum environment for staging and selling your home.

Contact us at 404-247-3942 or info@chaos2comfort.net to discuss how our Home Staging Services can help you sell your home.

Home Stagers Atlanta

"Teresa brought her interior design background and enthusiasm to bear in a way that subdued the chaos surrounding me.  She realized that every space offered its own potential and had an eye for bringing out the best – whether in placement of a beloved piece of art or via arrangement of fragile heirlooms."

- C. Baechler,

"Chaos 2 Comfort is the best. As an agent, I can see the results of their work in quicker sales at a higher price. Hiring Chaos 2 Comfort is a very cost effective way to get your home ready to sell."

- Ben Staten,
Real Estate Agent

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