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The Professional Organizers at Chaos 2 Comfort of Atlanta will create clutterfree, organized and tranquil spaces in your home and office. Being organized will you save time, money and energy.

Feeling overwhelmed by disorganization? Are bills being paid late or not at all? Are closets so stuffed that they are barely usable? Are papers scattered everywhere because you have no systems in place and don't know what you need to keep or what can be disposed of?

Paper organizing is one of the more difficult organizational challanges people face. We work with you on customizing systems that work for your particular style and needs. Visit our Resources page to look at our document retention guidelines to help you determine what papers you need to keep and for how long.

Retaining things for sentimental reasons creates an abundance of stored items for many people. Sorting through years of belongings can be both physically and emotionally draining. Our organizers will help you winnow down your memorabilia with sensitivity.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal Article on Professional Organizers, April 8, 2010 about Chaos 2 Comfort "Our two-person team was very sensitive to our feelings, suggesting we take a break when we felt overwhelmed and advising us to keep those items that had real sentimental value."

Chaos 2 Comfort is based in Atlanta. Our Professional Organizers have the expertise to work in any area of your home or office. Services may include the following and are customized to fit each client's specific organizing style and space:

  • Determine an action plan for organizing each area of your home and office.
  • Determine what you wish to keep, recycle, donate or toss.
  • Organize closets and other storage areas to maximize your space.
  • Create simple, organized and efficient filing systems to organize your papers.
  • Organize multipurpose rooms into clearly defined zones.

Chaos 2 Comfort will create a plan of action incorporating your priorities, creating a more organized home or office, allowing you to live and work more efficiently.

Please contact Chaos 2 Comfort at 404-247-3942 or info@chaos2comfort.net to discuss your organizing challenges and determine how we can best assist you.

"Since Sue Fox left, the family room is welcoming and bright and spacious and - I know it's hard to believe - it cleans itself. It simply stays straight."

- Melissa Fay Greene
Book Author

"I'm on Cloud Nine! Who knew the path from my bed to my bathroom this morning is no longer an obstacle course!! My weekend will be spent in my workroom...I am so excited...I had to stand in there and just admire it this morning at 5am before I left for work."

- S. Levitte

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